Taylor Beck

Taylor Beck

I write about brains & the future.

I'm a writer with a background in neuroscience & Japanese. Before writing, I worked in brain imaging labs studying sleep, memory & aging.

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Psychedelics story image article
Scientific American

A Trip Inside the Schizophrenic Mind

Researchers are investigating how hallucinogens might be used to model—and develop treatments for—psychosis

Lithiumheart article
The Washington Post

Love on Lithium

What happened when I told my girlfriend I have bipolar disorder

Nautilusimage article

A Vaccine For Depression?

Ketamine’s remarkable effect bolsters a new theory of mental illness.

Stringio article article

What We're Reading: Fox 8 by George Saunders: The Q: GQ

"Fiction softens the border between you and me, between me and me, between the reader and the writer."

Lead article
The Atlantic

The Attention Machine

A new brain-scanning technique could change the way scientists think about human focus.

What pushes a person to suicide   june 10 article

What Pushes A Person To Suicide?

The people “best” at suicide are known for upbeat moods and energetic drive.

Kin by mania image article
The Huffington Post

Kin By Mania: The Bond I Feel With Other Bipolar People Is Inexplicable | HuffPost

"We are good for each other, like deep sea fish and the bacteria that keep them aglow."

11870 30f0641c041f03d94e95a76b9d8bd58f article

Lonely? There's An App For That

The phone rang; a woman answered. Our awkward opening was brief. “This is my first time,” I said. “I’m not sure how this is supposed to go.” She said she’d be happy to listen.

Screen 20shot 202015 04 20 20at 203.13.03 20pm article
The Week

Dance of neurons

How brain cell vibrations could help treat diseases like Alzheimer's

Davidfosterwallace article

Very Few Innocent Sentences — Medium

The Personas of David Foster Wallace

Laughing at the dark image article

Laughing At The Dark — Medium

How David Foster Wallace Takes Readers Places They Don’t Like to Go

Kenpaw2015 article
Princeton Alumni Weekly

Decoding the Brain

One day, scientists will be able to “see” the images and memories in our minds

Open uri20140212 21565 24x2xd article
Fast Company

The Man Behind New App Shadow Wants To Quantify Our Dreams | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

The Man Behind New App Shadow Wants To Quantify Our...

3035612 poster p 1 sex apps and stigmas online dating adventures in japan article
Fast Company

Can Dating Apps Solve Japan's Sex Crisis?

Japan has a sex problem, and digital dating could help fix it. So why are single people there so reluctant to dive in?

1410380923899 article
The Airship

Reading in Public: Tales of Love and Literature, Pt. IV

A stranger reading Trimalchio on the subway seemingly opens up the doors to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s New York....